Some of you might be familiar with a journalist and Fox News contributor named Kirsten Powers. Unlike other “mainstream” media outlets FNC does, in fact, have varying viewpoints.She is one of them, but with a twist. Ms. Powers takes a reliably liberal, or “progressive”, line on domestic politics, usually supports the Obama Administration on almost all points…BUT.

She is consistently pro-life and pursued that horrible Gosnell case in Philadelphia along with Fox News and helped to unmask the horrors and evils that went on in Gosnell’s clinic in Philadelphia.

She also has sounded the alarm on a veritable wave of violent ant-Christian persecution in Islamic countries. She recently  wrote this article:

I heartily agree with the views she expresses in this article. The shame is not only is the “world” silent but so are our religious leaders.

With all the “cred” that Pope Francis seems to have gained with public opinion, one might hope to see it turned towards addressing this dreadful situation with clarity, and urgency.

September 27, 2013.

St. Vincent de Paul

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