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“Outrage” and indignation are certainly an increasing reaction to things if they do not go our way. Well, I am outraged. Outraged by a story currently on Lifesite News  found at It concerns a recent event held at GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY in Washington DC,  the country’ “oldest Jesuit and Catholic university.” It was billed as ” Dismantling …

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A fable for Halloween.

A totally imaginary dialogue between two priests.     –         Well, George, what’s this I hear about you hopping a plane to Sweden? –         YES! I’m very excited, never been there before! –         Going to be cold this time of year. –         Really, well, it’s a BIG event! –         The Nobel Prizes? –         No!! Going to Lund to celebrate the 500th anniversary …

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A timely reflection….again. The Lifesite News website is worth visiting on a regular basis. The article cited above is thought provoking, as it ought to be. I pass it along for your own reflections and, I hope, renewed prayers for our increasingly troubled and confused Church.

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The Day before and the Day after

The day before and the day after   I write this on the evening of September 11. For us, the shorthand “9/11” has entered into our lexicon. This fifteenth anniversary of all that 9/11 means leads me to reflect on the days before and after in our Liturgical Calendar. If we examine those dates we …

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I haven’t written anything here for a long time. I suppose I fell out of the habit and other preoccupations took over. However, a brief entry for today: I’m occasionally asked what would be good Catholic websites to read in these rather confusing and disturbing times. One recommendation for good apologetic commentary of controversies in …

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Customs and Courtesies

Back in the 1980’s when I decided to join the US Airforce Reserve as a chaplain (I had been ordained in 1978) I learned the above phrase. It meant that the US Armed Forces, the USAF, and the particular base and Command to which I was assigned had certain “customs and courtesies” which I was …

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Sexagesima Sunday 1/31/16

Dear friends, My first “pre-Lent” bulletin letter published last week was probably not read by many of you due to the “super blizzard” that shut down travel last weekend. You can find it published however on the parish website in the “Pastor’s blog” entitled “Septuagesima Sunday.” This week, “Sexagesima Sunday”, roughly sixty days before Easter, I would like …

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Septuagesima Sunday

Dear friends, In our traditional liturgical calendar, the three Sundays before Ash Wednesday bore unusual Latin names: Septuagesima, Sexagesima, Quinquagesima meaning simply Seventieth, Sixtieth, Fiftieth. This was because these Sunday are roughly that number of days before Easter Sunday. This year Easter comes rather early, March 27th, and Ash Wednesday falls on February 10th.  Today then is Septuagesima Sunday. In …

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