“Outrage” and indignation are certainly an increasing reaction to things if they do not go our way.

Well, I am outraged.

Outraged by a story currently on Lifesite News  found at lifesitenews.com

It concerns a recent event held at GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY in Washington DC,  the country’ “oldest Jesuit and Catholic university.”

It was billed as ” Dismantling Reproductive Injustices: The Hyde Amendment and Criminalization of Self-Induced Abortion”. Under that jargon, it was a session in which pro-abortion speakers decried restrictions on Federal funding for abortion and “do it at home”non-surgical abortions. In other words, a PRO-ABORTION symposium at, again, let me say it: the country’s “oldest Jesuit and Catholic university.”

You can find the full story on Lifesite News website.

If I were an alumnus I would not give one penny to this institution.

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